What People are Saying

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“The same feel-good word of mouth as last year’s bestseller, The Rosie Project.”

–The Sydney Morning Herald

 “A novel that dances on the wire between heartache and joy, a delight to the reader in its explorations.”

–Yahoo News

“Heartwarming . . . [A] debut novel about three lost people needing to be found.”

– Readings Monthly (Melbourne)

“Everything about the characters and the writing feels right, and the result is a book that’s heartbreaking, funny and brilliant.”

– Courier Mail

“LOST & FOUND is informed by Davis’s personal heartache but it is buoyed by something more universal – our need to love and be loved, regardless of the risk.”

– Newcastle Herald

“If at first the reasons why this tale of love and loss, grief and great mates sparked a bidding war among publishers aren’t obvious, as the characters unfold, it becomes clear that this is storytelling at its purest. Make sure to read the heartbreaking notes from the young West Australian author, after which this absolutely perfect novel becomes even more so.”

– Weekend Post

“A fabulous, funny, quirky story.”

– Sunday Mail Brisbane

“It’s a beautiful read.”

– Brisbane News

“a literary sensation”

– Australian Arts Review

“A novel that dances on the wire between heartache and joy”

– West Australian 

“heartbreaking and funny and brilliant”

– Herald Sun